Friday, April 30, 2010

Hey Lady, I Can See Your A.D.D. From Here

A note to my Friday Followers: I have posted a quick summary of this special spot in the blogosphere at the end of this post. Anypost, on with my brain sludge...

I haven't just sat down and let my thoughts just flow to the keyboard in a very long time; however, today I decided to pick my happy butt up off of the couch and relocate to the porch swing while Finn takes his afternoon nap. 

Moses is snoring next to me on the swing. Vega is under my feet and snoring, as well. It is quite funny, but I know if I get up to get the video camera that they will both wake up. I am munching on an oh-so-yummy pb & j sandwich made of all-natural peanut butter, sugar-free jelly, or is it jam? I am not sure what the qualifications are, but it sure is darn good.

I decided a couple of days ago to consciously get Finn on a schedule. I typically get him up when he wakes up, let him nap when he is ready around mid-day, and lay him down in evening when he is ready (usually anywhere from 5:30 - 8:00). It's going very well, and there hasn't been any bumps yet: 

8:00 a.m. Rise & shine
11:30 a.m. Lunch
12:00-2:00 p.m. Nap time
5:00 p.m. Bath
5:30 p.m. Dinner
6:00 p.m. Bedtime

    He is loving life: crawling, pulling up, shredding Mama's magazines, playing pat-a-cake, commando-crawling under the furniture, racing me to any open doors, and getting into shouting matches with Vega. As soon as I find my card reader, I will post pics.

    Vega Who? Vega What?
    Sorry, where are my manners? Vega is our new German Shepard pup that we got from my cousin's litter. She kept one as well and named her Carson. It will be so much fun to watch them grow up together! His second day at home he ate a stinging or biting bug of some sort then cried, whined, and just laid low for a day or two. When he couldn't bark, Zac decided to take him to the vet, along with Moses, for a check-up. It was discovered that he had a "load" of round worms and hook worms. Eek! Since we caught them so early, they gave him meds, shots, etc. and he should be fine. I guess that explains his un-puppylike slothfulness. He is feeling much better and is beginning to act more like a puppy. He is very smart; Zac has been working with him every day to learn good habits and tricks. Our main focus right now is to teach him the basics and how to chase off farking ducks!!! He's beginning to get the hang of it, but it looks like he corrals them more than chases them off. Are German Sheps herding dogs? I guess I could ask Hubs since he read two books and a vast array of internet material on them before Vega even got here. Oh, and yes, there have been two confrontations with Moses so far. The first being when Vega first got out of the crate, ran upm and introduced himself to Moses, who responded in typical Moses fashion with a cat-slap to the snout. Two days ago Finn was asleep, Zac was on the back porch and I heard Vega scream, whimper, and howl, followed by a loud crash/boom. I assumed that Zac had finally had enough of the ducks and blasted one with the shotgun, so I ran (I use the term loosely) to see what had conspired. I found Zac laid back in his chair, Vega behind his crate, and Moses strutting past them both. Apparently, Vega had begun to get a little too comfortable with Moses and was deceived in believing that they were cool now. Moses quickly set him straight. 

    You must think that I am crazy to have a crawler and a pup. 
    You are correct.

    Why Vega?
    I agreed to the name before realizing Hubs got it from Pulp Fiction, but I still like it better than his other suggestions: Cyrus, Levon, and Cormac, which, by the way, were his baby name suggestions this time last year. Our other thoughts for the puppy were Kyzar or Remy. In case you haven't learned yet Hubs is a monstrous fan of folk music, Quentin Tarantino, and the blues. 

    Around the Porch
    Since this house's image is basically centered around the porch, it just makes sense that I say that rather than "around the house." Anytime the words "the porch" are uttered around our crew, everyone knows it's our house that is being discussed. We have finally begun to get the porch together, now that hubs has finished our fence. All of the colors of the plants make me so happy and take my mind off of the fact that typically I would be laying out on all of these fabulous fair days.

    I refuse to get on that subject. If you want to know why I can't lay out any more click here. I am making it my new hobby to test all of the available self-tanners and write a post about them. This will take some time since I will have allow one to fade before trying another in order to for it to be a completely real experience. 

    To continue with the completely random pattern of this piece, I was driving back from New Orleans a few weeks ago and started having all of these random thoughts about Madonna's influence recording them onto the voice memo feature on my phone. I suppose I will post them someday. One of them was that they should create a musical out of her songs like they have done for Billy Joel (Movin' Up) and ABBA (Mama Mia). Am I right? It would be a killa! 

    I arrive home to find that the week's Glee episode was titled "The Power of Madonna"! Whoa - too crazy.

    I will be going back to NOLA this weekend for my monthly check ups. 

    There are two things for whichI am desperately hoping: 
    1. that the gorgeous, beautiful, magnificent, superb, splendid, spectacular, majestic, breathtaking weather we have been having continues. 
    2. the docs reduce my steroid dose, yet again - I am tired of being fat swollen!

    Nearly six hours after beginning this post, I have returned home to finish it with more subject matter. After I got my hair trimmed, I decided to go by our Barnes & Noble that will be closing on June 30th. I was not expecting the shelves to already be half empty. I know that it is odd to feel this way about a chain bookseller, but I couldn't help but feel a bit like Kathleen Kelly in You've Got Mail, except that B & N is more like Fox Books than The Shop Around the Corner. I have been going to this store since I was in the fifth grade! There is no other book store in the general vicinity with the selection and atmosphere that this store has in it. Do not even get me started on the other option: Books-A-Million. If you put a Starbucks in Wal-Mart does that make it a Target? No, no it does not. Looks like I will be saving my two hour book store strolls for my monthly NOLA visits.


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    Wednesday, April 28, 2010

    What Effect Will This Affective Post Have on You?

    {Week 2}
    Affect vs. Effect

    I am covering the most common uses.
    I think it will answer your questions. If not, you know what to do:
    Write me!

    If it asks for a login, click "cancel." I have no clue why it's doing this!


    Friday, April 23, 2010

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    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    YoTweepers, Come on Down!

    Being that Supah's breakfast, lunch, and dinner plates are all full; YO TWEEPS is happening here this week. I noticed many of you looking for it last week and figured it would happen again because, well, there's no such thing as too many followers. Am I right?! 

    If you're a first-timer, welcome! There are directions below for you, even how to make your own follow button.

    If your a regular, you know what to do.

    Now get to it!


    This is all about following and meeting some new twitter friends. 

    Image courtesy of  on August 20, 2009 by Dave Mott

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    Fun & increasing your Twitter Twaffic!

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    7. When you follow someone make sure to mention them in a msg like this:

    @hearthunnybe I'm following! #yotweeps
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    8. If someone follows you, be sure to reciprocate with a msg like this:
    @yourtwittername Backatcha! #yotweeps
    9. Hit me up if you have any questions.

    Strike up some friendships!
    Show 'em some blog love too if you would like!

    How to make a twitter icon.

    Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    Two Much For You Two To Do: an Enlightenment

    Today I have my first Grammar-on-the-Go post! 

    "Two Much For You Two To Do"

    Click the badge to check it out, and then hang around to give me feedback.


    Monday, April 19, 2010

    Shout-Out/Check-Out Debut + a Coming Attraction

    ^Umm...that should say "grab their BUTTON."

    Here's something new: I am going to start "Shout Out to Check Out" <---- My terms don't take 'em without saying, "Mother May I." LOL. Got it? Seriously. =P Or just grab the button for your post...

    These are gals/blogs/spots I mentioned in the post that you should go check-out. 

    :::What You Will Can Go Do Right Now:::


    Join We Believe Blogs. They're looking for featured bloggers. (Spoken in a tempting tone.) =)

        3. Visit Beach Brights (where I found out about Habitat For Humanity Restores).

        4. Find your local store @ Habitat for Humanity Restores.


    I'll let you know if if I gave you a "Shout-Out to Check Out," then you can post the button to your blog...if you know if you have room. No biggie. =)

    And, yes, that is MY mouth in the button. =)


    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    Yotweeps & A Peek Easter Peeps

    I do not have much time to post today, but I wanted to throw some love Supah's way and join in on #yotweeps. I am posting a peek at Finn's first Easter.
    Also, please continue to keep the Loney family in your hearts, thoughts, and prayers.

    Some fun with Picnik:
    Finn & Daddy

    and with my momma

    For the newbies, here's what #yotweeps is all about:

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    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    Wonder Woman, Veronica, and Tammy Faye Walk Into a Bar...

    OK, fine, I couldn't help it. I realize this will be my second post for the day. Sitting in the atrium at Ochsner Medical Center in NOLA waiting for my umpteenth appointment in the past week, I read Christina Lee's post and just had to join in...

    Would You Rather...
    1. the Bionic Woman or Wonder Woman?
         When I started teaching some of my students and co-workers would call me Wonder Woman as a joke , so I thought it would be funny to indulge them a bit...
    Ted Nugent, the Devil, Wonder Woman, and Evil Knievil

    2. ...have Archie choose Betty or Veronica?
         Hello! Veronica: obviously I would root for the brunette! 

    3. ...leave the house without lips (chapstick or lipgloss) or eyes (mascara) done?
         I never go without lip product; I can't even sleep without chapstick on. However, I definitely need more help with my eyes. I have zero eyelashes without mascara and a curler. I have a tendency to keep my sunglasses on indoors when I do not have on mascara. I know it looks pretentious, but I would rather my bare eyes be left to the imagination. No, I hope to God that I do not have Tammy Faye eyes, but for me it would be better than nothing! Ok...maybe not.


    Monday, April 12, 2010

    Papa Paparazzi - The (B) True Gollywood Story

    Today for the first time I am participating in Once Upon a Miracle's True Story Tuesday. I couldn't pass up this perfect opportunity to write about this story

    Let me take you back to March 2007. I had just met Zac, and we had been on maybe two dates, when I asked him if he would like to ride down to the beach for a little while on a Sunday afternoon. This was a pretty big deal for me since I was never the one who made a move in a relationship; or if I did, there was much plotting, debating, and second-guessing that preceded the actual verbalizing and execution of the plan.

    He warmly agreed and said he would pick me up, and we could go for a couple of hours, adding that he couldn't stay for longer than a couple of hours because his aunt and uncle were in town helping his folks shop-around for a good spot for his sister's wedding reception and wanted to come by his house. (I later realized why he needed more than just an hour or two to clean it up. =) )

    The day was perfect. While got soaked up some sun, we talked about the random, safe topics that you discuss when you are first dating; and before I knew it, the couple of hours had flown-by ever so quickly. I had worn a small dress over my bathing suit to the beach, but it had become dirty, sandy, sweaty and was at this point rolled into a ball underneath my sandy, sweaty, salt-water-soaked towel in the bottom of my bag. To walk back up to the truck I simply pulled on a pair of cut-off Victoria's Secret sweatpants for the ride home. I can't stand to put clothes back on when I've been on the beach before I get to shower.

    As we were getting into the truck, I swore I could faintly hear someone calling his name. He went over to investigate. Upon his return, he opened my door and said that it was his parents, aunt, and uncle. Apparently, they were there to check out me the country club where the beach access was for the reception. He asked if I wanted to get out and meet them.

    Of course I panicked because of the clothing situation: bikini top & shorts. It's not like I could be nonchalant about it. I am five feet and eleven farking inches tall! If I don't have a shirt on it's, "HELLO, Bethany's has just entered the room." Thank the Lord my nunga-nungas weren't too big at the time. Ahh, I miss my B cup. Anyboob, so here I am meeting this guy's parents PLUS some extended family, I might add, in my bikini top. My mother would have been mortified.

    Look, I know I was at the beach…but still! He mentioned that he didn't think it was an accident; I was flattered, but tried not to get too excited just to later have to tell myself, "He's just not that into you."

    About a month later, we are still dating (obviously); and he was talking to his grandmother on the phone when she mentions something to the effect of "in the pictures." He was curious as to what she was referring to as "in the pictures." APPARENTLY, the day that his folks were looking at venues, they also took pictures the options and…me. Oh yes - my own personal paparazzi. He then informs me that some photos of me have been "floating" around and amongst his Missouri family.

    Months went by and we would joke about the pictures or mention them. I always wanted to see them and never did. Until one day I looking through some photos of an event on his parents computer.

    Low and behold…


    As you have probably noticed I have used one for my blog header. I think they are so neat, and I am so glad to have them. They always make me smile.

    Also this week Kmama is having a fan-tab-u-lous giveaway for the Corel® Digital Suite 2010 that I so desperately want to win. Be sure to stop by her blog and enter!

    Sunday, April 11, 2010

    The Word: Hilasterous - The Definition...

    Last week I was somewhat absent from the bloggy blog world of memes, carnivals, and my hobby as Princess Comments-a-Lot. If you read my previous post or follow me on Twitter you knew what was going on. (The constant Twittering was therapeutic.) 

    Anyway, I am back full force this week…hopefully. I will go back to New Orleans tomorrow to see the hemotologist/oncologist to check the progress of my white blood cell count on Tuesday morning. I pray it has come back up. I really do not want to spend another four days there. With the passing of Ethan Loney every one of my little complaints seem so petty, so I will not dwell on these minute issues. I was told to expect a few bumps the first year, and hopefully this is all it is.

    On to this week's Meme-Go-Round with Supah - here's the assignment:
    What is YOUR WORD?
    a WORD or CATCH PHRASE that you made up 
    or stole borrowed 
    or adapted or whatever
    a WORD or CATCH PHRASE that you say all the time, 
    use in an unusual way, 
    makes you laugh  or feel clever.
    a WORD or CATCH PHRASE that you've redefined
    or that has come to mean something different 
    because of your kids or your job
    Tell us your WORD or CATCH PHRASE, 
    give us the DEFINITION and ORIGIN, 
    and use it in a SENTENCE or story, if you prefer.

    Not too far back I was tweeting or blogging, I can't remember, and I was telling a story about something physical. I know it must have been about my dancing or athletic ability because this is the perfect term a coined to describe it.
    hil◍as◍ter◍ous  |hil|'as|tur|…ôs
                                                  1. describes something extremely amusing that also causes 
                                                           unfortunate circumstances
                                                  2. describes a catastrophe or unfortunate consequences that 
                                                           simultaneously brings laughter to those involved in the
                                                           event or simply spectators.
                                                      - These events can include my attempts to overtake a 
                                                        rolled bale of hay by running then leaping over it.
                                                      - They are also included, but not limited to my 
                                                        dancing, running, throwing, lifting, bending over, 
                                                        working-out, anything requiring hand-eye coordination, 
                                                       or choreography.


    ***Don't forget if you were following my other blog that you transfer "followership"! 
    Ha - another new word!***

    Saturday, April 10, 2010

    You Would Think 4 Days in New Orleans Would Be Awesome

    Well, girls, I finally did it and Ellie made it happen. I have real blog complete with a nav bar and everything! I highly recommend her to anyone who likes a clean, classic yet modern look on their pages. If you followed me over from Cardiocandyography, you have probably read what happened over there. Let's just say beware of free templates, you might not be able to remove it...EVER. I love me some Ellie - four stars for Rainy Day Templates! Out of this one blog I have created a few more so that I can place more than one post on each nav link. Also, each page may have a different sidebar so be sure to check them out for different links!

    Many of you have only gotten bits and pieces of my transplant story, so some of my current let's say "adventures" for lack of a better word are a bit mystifying. GOOD NEWS: I have finally transferred all of my Caring Bridge entries over here for you to read when you get curious. Since I couldn't back-date them, they are all separate posts posted yesterday. I have created a table of contents on that page with the dates of each entry starting at the beginning.

    Over the past six months I have received many, many emails expressing emotion over going back and reading my story from the beginning. So, it should much easier to read it here the way it is organized as opposed to on Caring Bridge. Please, still feel free to hop over there and check out the pics from my stay as well.

    What did I say? SIX MONTHS? SIX MONTHS! Yes, this past Monday I celebrated the six month marker with my new heart. The first six months can very volatile, tricky, and has a lot of restrictions; however, I made it! As many of you already know, it was not without a few bumps.
    Several of you sent me Twitter messages and Facebook messages worried about what was going on this week, so here is the explanation you've been waiting for...

    I left Mobile on Sunday afternoon for New Orleans; I had my typical monthly labs, biopsy, echo, and clinic visit. However, upon the receipt of my blood work; it was discovered that white blood cell count had dropped drastically. FYI: White blood cells are what fight infection. The less of them you have, the more likely you are to get an infection, virus, etc. This is doubly as vital to the life of transplant patient because we are on so many immunosuppressants to prevent our body from rejecting the new organ, that it nearly demolishes our immune system, hence the mask, no buffets, raw food, etc. Therefore, if we contract anything we have to be immediately hospitalized to prevent it from progressing any further. Mono, flu, etc. are deadly to a transplant patient.

    Headed to NOLA, completely unprepared for four days!

    By the time I was through with my biopsy, Dr. Patel told me that this was a cause for major concern and that I would need to hang around for a few days to see what was going on. By the time I was finished with all four appointments, I had two more: one to get blood drawn to test for the viruses, and the second to get a neupogen shot in the hepatology-oncology clinic. Thankfully, the virus results came back clear. They stopped two of my meds that can cause the loss of WBC and gave me my first shot.The worst news was hearing that I would have to stay in New Orleans (two hours from home) until Thursday.
    On Tuesday, I got up, worked on my blog a bit and went to get my second shot, which feels like a wasp sting with an encore. I decided to hit-up a few book stores, stroll down Magazine Street, browse through Whole Foods, and have lunch at great little pizza spot named Slice. I took a trip down to the water, explored Urban Outfitters and French Connection. Then I made the most beautiful discovery of all: the construction of a new Anthropologie! My summer check-ups may not be such a chore after all! The walk through the French Market wasn't too bad either, not to mention that I went in four book stores in in two days.
    Spinach, Sun-dried Tomato, and Artichoke Pizza @ Slice

    Wednesday morning I slept in until my lab appointment at 11:00. Which was great considering that I couldn't go to sleep until at least 4:30 (that was the last time I remember looking at the clock). When Tara, my post-transplant coordinator/nurse, called to inform me that after two shots of nupogen and stopping the potentially offending meds, my WBC had DROPPED! I cried nearly the rest of the day because I was ready to home and see my baby and hubs. I waited almost an hour before I called anyone because I could not get it together. Well, hubs called before I was ready, and I just broke down. Well, hunny, if he didn't just jump in his truck and giddy-up all the way to NOLA. Before he got there I had myself some lunch at Pazza Gelato for the second time in two days. It is so yummy! I had a different panini each day and different gelato. When he arrived around 5:00, it was so wonderful to see him. We had a delicious dinner, and enjoyed a great date night.
    Gelato: the blue variety tasted like birthday cake icing!

    Wednesday morning we went to Dr. Molina, a hemotologist & oncologist, to see if maybe he could narrow-down what was wrong. He too believed it was the combination of meds and asked to see me back Tuesday. If the meds alteration and injections do not work, then he will have to do a bone marrow biopsy. Shriek! he sounded very optimistic, just a bit confused as to why my numbers would plummet in a month's time. I guess we will see on Tuesday.
    Upon returning home on Thursday evening, went to my in-law's house to pick Baby Finn. It was soooooooo good to see his sweet cheeks. I didn't want to put him down! Zac's grandparents are also in town for the week, so we will be happily busy once again. Finn and I both are going to the doctor this week! He has his nine month check-up this week...tear. :*( Here's one more reason to shed a tear.