101 Random Things
  1. I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. ROLL TIDE ROLL!
  2. I went to a private Baptist school for 100 14 years.
  3. I am was completely A.D.D.
  4. My report cards always had two comments: “excessive talking” & “not working to potential.”
  5. I pretty much attended a service for every denomination under the sun by the time I was 14.
  6. I now attend a Lutheran church with my hubs who comes from three generations of Lutheran pastors.
  7. Obviously, he is not a pastor.
  8. His sister pretty much rocks my socks off!
  9. She and her sweet hubs live in
  10. I met my husband while I was student teaching.
  11. Hot coach + student teacher = destiny :p
  12. We have been together for three years and married almost a year and a half.
  13. We have a nine-month-old son Finn.
  14. He will always be our favorite thing in life.
  15. I love his giggle, his cheeks, his eyes, his meaty little shoulders, his hair...well, you get the picture.
  16. Growing up, I spent a lot of time in the country and on the beach.
  17. The country: my grandfather’s home place in Buckatunna, MS. Oh yes, that is the name.
  18. The beach: Dauphin Island, AL - It will always be my safe place. I go there when I am happy, when I am sad, and even when I am angry.
  19. I love where I live because if I want to go to the beach, at the most, it’s thirty minutes away.
  20. I am a former sun worshiper.
  21. This will be the first year that I have to buy sunscreen over SPF 6.
  22. For medical reasons, I can never again have sun exposure. Doctors orders: at least SPF 50 - What?! Two digit SPFs?!
  23. This was the most devastating interesting news I have gotten in the past year.
  24. I could drink coffee all day and all night.
  25. Hot tea just doesn’t do it for me.
  26. I have a younger brother named Ramsay.
  27. My momma should write a book about being Incredi-Mom.
  28. Her mother is a true southern lady.
  29. My in-laws are one of the single most incredible things that ever happened to me.
  30. Hubs and I both have great extended families.
  31. During my second trimester in January 2009, I had my gallbladder removed.
  32. In June 2009, I had my first cavity and root canal.
  33. In July 2009, I gave birth to my sweet baby boy Finn.
  34. I was in the bed, flat on my back for the first four days that I was at home with him, due to a spinal headache.
  35. It was worse than labor.
  36. Six weeks after giving birth, I went back to work for three days.
  37. On the fourth day, I went to the doctor because I was feeling short of breath and having heart palpitations.
  38. He immediately admitted me to the hospital, thinking it could be several major things.
  39. After about four questions from the pulmonologist on call, I was told that it sounded like heart failure.
  40. An echocardiogram confirmed it.
  41. I had developed peripartum cardiomyopathy.
  42. PPCM is a form of heart failure that can develop from the second trimester all the way up to six months post partum.
  43. A good, normal heart pumps 60% of the blood it takes in back out; mine was pumping out 8%.
  44. I was in the hospital for three weeks as the doctors tried everything possible to keep my heart going without surgery.
  45. I had a heart transplant on October 6, 2009.
  46. I stayed in the hospital for a month after that.
  47. I lived in an apartment one mile from the levees in New Orleans...during hurricane season.
  48. But, it was only one street over from the hospital.
  49. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift than being able to spend the holidays with my family.
  50. While I was in the hospital, my two-year-old HP laptop died on me.
  51. It was happily replaced with MacBookPro, with which, next to my child, I spend the most time with.
  52. It makes me feel like a real writer.
  53. Well, Carrie Bradshaw had a Mac didn't she?
  54. I would love to hop in a time machine and hit the ‘80s Sunset Strip.
  55. A massive collection of Guns N’ Roses memorabilia fills a corner in my office. Oh, how I love them.
  56. Music completes me, even though I cannot sing, dance, or play an instrument.
  57. We inherited an colossal karaoke system when Zac’s parents moved to a smaller house.
  58. It’s the real deal: hundreds of songs, professional mics, subs, etc.
  59. It looks like a portable recording studio.
  60. I so desperately want to learn a second language.
  61. I would love to go back to college and take classes, but I doubt I would stick with it.
  62. I can’t even stick with a diet.
  63. I am a hilasterous athlete.
  64. Hilarious + disaster = hilasterous...Obviously I made that up; it’s mine; you know you love it.
  65. I need to lose 30 lbs. to get to my “happy” weight, but these steroids aren’t helping.
  66. I watch some dvds over and over: I Love Lucy, SATC, Shark Week, Baby Einstein, Sesame Street…
  67. Can you see the trend here?
  68. Finn has many nicknames: Foo Baby, Foofs, Chooker, Kookaburra,…
  69. Zac is known as “Bones” to most of the world; some folks don’t even know his real name.
  70. This nickname had me very worried curious before we started seriously dating.
  71. Thankfully it was from playing center on his high school football team at less than 200 lbs.
  72. I pray for motivation and self-discipline.
  73. I bought my first car, brand new, two years ago, and I love it.
  74. I almost didn’t buy it because the dash and color lights are orange, but I couldn’t resist the rest of it.
  75. The car I had before that I had since I was 17.
  76. I am relieved to know it cannot tell on me talk.
  77. I didn’t take my driver’s test until I was 17.
  78. I love shopping for school/office supplies.
  79. I think it's a teacher thing.
  80. There are not too many things greater than standing front of a classroom of students staring up at you with eager eyes, even if it is just a hilasterous story about the death of your pet fish or a short lesson on the history of rock.
  81. There are exceptions: like when a kid drops out and writes you a note saying, “I’ll be back for you, baby.” [I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.]
  82. If you don’t know what hilasterous means then you have short term memory loss.
  83. I am completely intrigued with all things beach and ocean-related, hence my marriage to a Marine Biology teacher.
  84. I love that his cologne smells like the beach.
  85. Even though I am the English major, he often challenges me because he scored so high on the writing portion of his GRE.
  86. Nerd.
  87. He is really a hippie wanna be trapped in the body of a football coach.
  88. I got the best of both worlds.
  89. He cut 13 inches off of his hair to interview for his teaching job and donated it to Locks of Love.
  90. We have the best road trips.
  91. I love football and never get tired of it.
  92. Baseball makes me want to crawl slowly over hot, broken glass then take a bath in rubbing alcohol.
  93. Get the idea?
  94. I am constantly eyeing decor I would put in my imaginary beach house.
  95. I also constantly daydream about what I want to do with my own house.
  96. I love to repaint and change-up. 
  97. Hubs hates the idea.
  98. He built our house five years ago, and it is being exorcised of bachelorisms perfect.
  99. The back porch and no next-door neighbors is a perk as well.
  100. He is currently finishing the fence for our German Shepherd puppy we will get in two weeks.
  101. We still do not know what to name him. 


  1. I am LMAO!! exorcising bacherolisms, worried about his nickname, Kookaruba??? You crack me up!! Love you come back to us please !!!!! KIM

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