Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wonder Woman, Veronica, and Tammy Faye Walk Into a Bar...

OK, fine, I couldn't help it. I realize this will be my second post for the day. Sitting in the atrium at Ochsner Medical Center in NOLA waiting for my umpteenth appointment in the past week, I read Christina Lee's post and just had to join in...

Would You Rather...
1. ...be the Bionic Woman or Wonder Woman?
     When I started teaching some of my students and co-workers would call me Wonder Woman as a joke , so I thought it would be funny to indulge them a bit...
Ted Nugent, the Devil, Wonder Woman, and Evil Knievil

2. ...have Archie choose Betty or Veronica?
     Hello! Veronica: obviously I would root for the brunette! 

3. ...leave the house without lips (chapstick or lipgloss) or eyes (mascara) done?
     I never go without lip product; I can't even sleep without chapstick on. However, I definitely need more help with my eyes. I have zero eyelashes without mascara and a curler. I have a tendency to keep my sunglasses on indoors when I do not have on mascara. I know it looks pretentious, but I would rather my bare eyes be left to the imagination. No, I hope to God that I do not have Tammy Faye eyes, but for me it would be better than nothing! Ok...maybe not.



  1. I love your wonder woman costume!!! Ok now I have to put your new web address in my blogroll!

  2. I love wonder woman!!! And I cant leave the house with out black eyeliner and mascara...... I feel naked without it!!

  3. When I don't wear eye make-up people mistake me for a Russian man and ask me to translate for them. So eyes must be done!
    Sadly, I don't think I even know who Bionic Woman is, so I have to go with Wonder Woman. You pull off the look nicely!
    Great blog!

  4. Bethany, love your blog! I'm so glad you happened to post that you blogged today on the SITS forum so I had a reason to check you out!

    Now following!

    And ps, Wonder Woman? Two thumbs up!

  5. I wore a gold belt to work the other day and everyone called it the gold belt of truth after wonder woman! So random!

    I vote for the brunette too!

  6. You are sooooooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    Great Wonder Woman costume :)