Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When Did Hubs Take Up Writing? Here's When...

I was gone for a couple of hours last Thursday night. I returned home to find this taped on my bathroom mirror written on a Winn-Dixie receipt:

Folded and taped where the arrow is pointing.
I guess he was attempting to build suspense, and I admit I was a little nervous; but I never suspected:
As you can see, he remembered how much "alot" drives me crazy: it's two words, people!

So you ask how do I know he won't be mad that I put this up for the whole world to see?
I'm pretty sure that's called the "go-ahead."

Then I find this yesterday in the hall bathroom. Well, you can see where I found it...
Apparently this has been building up for awhile.

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  1. Okay--this is too funny!!

    I was at my brother's apartment when he was in his bachelor days, and I used his restroom. I looked, and the toilet paper roll was empty. There was, however, a box of coffee filters on the back of the tank . . .


  2. Hi,

    Its been a while! Happy to find you are OK and that hubby is such a great tease. Take care.


  3. He's RAD. I'd watch him on Survivor. :)

  4. THE Fridge note and the tp note was too funny and a lot of FUN!! DId I write it right LMAO!

  5. HAHA that is sooo great! How fun is he?

  6. That is way too funny! You should totally give him the go-ahead to try out for Survivor...think of all the blog fodder you'll end up with! ;)

  7. That is too funny! I love that he gave you permission to post it on your blog. Scott told me that Zac wanted to try out for survivor. We both agree he would win!

  8. That is very funny! I may have to try the TP threat... that just may work in our house too.

  9. Stopping by from SITS... nice writing ;-)

  10. Hello!

    The notes are hilarious. =)

    We came across your site through the FF and decided to follow your blog. We are looking forward to reading more of your posts. Come on over and visit us when you get a free moment. Have a fabulous day! <3

  11. Love his writing! Good luck with Survivior. Thank you for joining Friday Follow. Glad to have you part of the fun. Rita @ One 2 Try.