Monday, April 12, 2010

Papa Paparazzi - The (B) True Gollywood Story

Today for the first time I am participating in Once Upon a Miracle's True Story Tuesday. I couldn't pass up this perfect opportunity to write about this story

Let me take you back to March 2007. I had just met Zac, and we had been on maybe two dates, when I asked him if he would like to ride down to the beach for a little while on a Sunday afternoon. This was a pretty big deal for me since I was never the one who made a move in a relationship; or if I did, there was much plotting, debating, and second-guessing that preceded the actual verbalizing and execution of the plan.

He warmly agreed and said he would pick me up, and we could go for a couple of hours, adding that he couldn't stay for longer than a couple of hours because his aunt and uncle were in town helping his folks shop-around for a good spot for his sister's wedding reception and wanted to come by his house. (I later realized why he needed more than just an hour or two to clean it up. =) )

The day was perfect. While got soaked up some sun, we talked about the random, safe topics that you discuss when you are first dating; and before I knew it, the couple of hours had flown-by ever so quickly. I had worn a small dress over my bathing suit to the beach, but it had become dirty, sandy, sweaty and was at this point rolled into a ball underneath my sandy, sweaty, salt-water-soaked towel in the bottom of my bag. To walk back up to the truck I simply pulled on a pair of cut-off Victoria's Secret sweatpants for the ride home. I can't stand to put clothes back on when I've been on the beach before I get to shower.

As we were getting into the truck, I swore I could faintly hear someone calling his name. He went over to investigate. Upon his return, he opened my door and said that it was his parents, aunt, and uncle. Apparently, they were there to check out me the country club where the beach access was for the reception. He asked if I wanted to get out and meet them.

Of course I panicked because of the clothing situation: bikini top & shorts. It's not like I could be nonchalant about it. I am five feet and eleven farking inches tall! If I don't have a shirt on it's, "HELLO, Bethany's has just entered the room." Thank the Lord my nunga-nungas weren't too big at the time. Ahh, I miss my B cup. Anyboob, so here I am meeting this guy's parents PLUS some extended family, I might add, in my bikini top. My mother would have been mortified.

Look, I know I was at the beach…but still! He mentioned that he didn't think it was an accident; I was flattered, but tried not to get too excited just to later have to tell myself, "He's just not that into you."

About a month later, we are still dating (obviously); and he was talking to his grandmother on the phone when she mentions something to the effect of "in the pictures." He was curious as to what she was referring to as "in the pictures." APPARENTLY, the day that his folks were looking at venues, they also took pictures the options and…me. Oh yes - my own personal paparazzi. He then informs me that some photos of me have been "floating" around and amongst his Missouri family.

Months went by and we would joke about the pictures or mention them. I always wanted to see them and never did. Until one day I looking through some photos of an event on his parents computer.

Low and behold…


As you have probably noticed I have used one for my blog header. I think they are so neat, and I am so glad to have them. They always make me smile.

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  1. Oh wow. What a great story : ) How cool are you to have your own personal paparazzi : ) Very, very cool!

  2. This is hilarious!!!! And the part about Zac needing HOURS to clean his house is being kind. I am sure he told you that I cleaned his house for one of your first dates. Oh dear Jesus! It took me ALL day and lots of beer! lol I had never see such! I scolded him like a little mother hen. I will have to say that you make Bones happier than I have ever seen him. He is like a brother to me and I couldn't have asked for a more precious extended sis in law! :)


  3. No way!!! That is creepy scary! But seriously, your SIL's comment is too sweet!

  4. Totally funny in a slightly creepy way!

    I'm glad the pictures turned out good - and you are SO pretty!

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. This is so funny because when I saw your new banner, I thought, "This is such a cool picture (totally natural/un-posed); I wonder if she had these professionally taken!" Then I remembered that you were in your bikini and thought, "She's brave [or self-assured, rather] to have her pictures professionally taken- in her bathing suit!" {Yes...I think a lot.} Now I know why they look totally relaxed and natural!!

  6. Stopping by from SITS. I LOVE this story and the pictures. Oh my gosh. I'd love to have pictures like this of the beginning of my hubby and me. Accidental bikini shot or not, they're treasures.

  7. Awww such a bittersweet story :) I absolutely love that they shared the "secret" of taken them with you, great use as a header :) Love the new look!