Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I snagged this from Jennifer because I will do anything to avoid housework right now. 
My Post-Its for today are in the previous post.

A. AREA CODE : 251 for all of my 25 years!

B. BED SIZE: We had a king and ditched it for the queen. I would rather have space in the room than in the bed. ;)

C. CHORE YOU HATE: All of them! Being a SAHM has made me the queen of procrastination, when I was simply the lowly common procrastinator before.

D. DOG'S NAME: Still debating: we get him in 3 weeks!

E. ESSENTIAL "START THE DAY!" ITEM: I know it's cliche, but I am a disaster without coffee. My Keurig is nearly my favorite thing my house, well favorite inanimate thing. =)

F. FAVORITE COLOR: There's no way I can even come close to pinpointing a fav.


H. HEIGHT: 5'11 

I. INSTRUMENTS YOU PLAY: None - unless you go back to middle school, but then I would have to get with one of those Men-In-Black memory zappers so that you wouldn't remember how pathetic I was.

J. JOB: On medical leave from teaching high school English - not sure about next year yet.

K. KIDS: My sweet Finn-baby a.k.a. Chooker, Cukaburra, Foof, Foo Baby Shoo Baby…the poor kid is going to have a hell of a time learning his actual name.

L. LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: We live in the amazing house that my hubs built as a bachelor five years ago. 

M. MOM'S NAME: Cheryl 

N. NICKNAME: In high school it was B.P. or B.A.P. Some of my former students call me BP, too because my maiden name was hyphenated & looong; at work it was Cricket because of my long legs. Hubs calls me BooBoo - original right? He gives everyone else cool nicknames but me; we have had this discussion, but it's still sweet.

O. OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAY: Well, none until last year. January: gall bladder removal, well that wasn't overnight; July: Finn was born; September - November: I lived in the Transplant Unit at Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans, plus a few overnight stays there since then.

P. PET PEEVE: obvious spelling errors; certain grammar errors - I can't help it. I'm a teacher. 

Q. QUOTE FROM A MOVIE: anything from Almost Famous or Christmas Vacation

R. RIGHTY OR LEFTY?: Righty. But I right like I am left-handed with my pen leaning forward. It looks awful, but it is impossible to fix it now. 

S. SIBLINGS: One bro - 21 - He got the skinny end of the stick. NO FAIR! Guys don't even care about that stuff!

T. TIME YOU WAKE UP: whenever Finn gets up, anywhere from 6:45 - 9:30

U. UNDERWEAR: colored cotton

V. VEGGIE YOU DISLIKE: I am pretty sure I like them all, actually.

W. WAYS/REASONS YOU ARE LATE: Getting distracted while getting ready

X. XRAYS YOU'VE HAD: knee, sinus, and a million chest x-rays

Y. YUMMY FOOD YOU MAKE: Hubs is the chef, but I make a mean chicken salad =)

Z. ZOO ANIMALS YOU LIKE: the tigers and the otters


  1. Way cute. The instruments you play answer cracked me up. Hope your Tuesday is going well!

  2. Looks like fun ... anything to get out of housework in deed ;-) I'm following you now- stop by my place when you can!

  3. I followed your lead! :-)

  4. LOL! I love this post. I could quote Christmas Vacation all day long. That sled scene still makes me pee my pants to this day. "Bend over and I'll show you." "You've got a lot of nerve talking to me that way Grilwold." "I wasn't talking to you." haha, love it! I hear you on the chore thing. I procrastinate big time.

  5. How cute. Love all the thoughts by alphabet. Underwear...how funny.'