Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pretty Meme Prom

All About Meme Monday: Pretty or Not Prom Story
Rather than going into detail, rambling, and losing you, I will give you the extra short version. For my senior prom I was set up; yes, set my boss. A friend came into where I was working about a month before prom and asked if I had a date yet. My boss's husband heard this and starts freaking out about how his son thinks I am cute and loooves to dance. Oh my! He immediately picks up the phone, calls him, and tells him that I don't have a date for prom yet. Umm...could I have felt more pathetic? He called back later that night, we start talking, and ended up dating for that month prior to prom. Interesting, huh? Turns out several of my friends knew him, and everywhere we went he knew folks; seriously, everywhere we went.
Needless to say prom night was a blast. I went to a private, Baptist school...14 years....ugh. You know what Baptist means: no dancing. Thank goodness our parents didn't agree. We had a large banquet, then the parents rented a venue, decorated it, and hired a D.J. It was sort of a Footloose situation; except the majority of the parents agreed with the students. =) All that the students had to do was buy a ticket for the dance just as if it were the prom. So, yes, we did get a prom...sort of. 
The picture with Mom; I didn't think she would be happy about me leaving her in this one.
My dress was two separate parts. I HATED the prom look. I wasn't into glitter, neon, and crunchy up-do prom hair. I wanted something basic but different. The skirt was the bottom of a Watters & Watters bridesmaid dress that I had worn in my cousin's wedding a few months earlier, and I found the perfect v-neck lace top at a Stein Mart. My mom cinched the shoulders together to make it look more formal, and ta-da...The only downside to the fitted skirt: the back slit ripped a little higher from the dancing. ;) 
I was so excited about wearing false eyelashes; I was probably batting them all night as if I was in Maybelline commercial.
Back to the date: yes he could dance; so much so that guess where his picture was the next week: the front page of our school paper...hand in the air...dancing his butt off. HE DIDN"T EVEN GO TO OUR SCHOOL, and he was the most popular guy on Monday morning! Geez. 
The official prom picture
Anyway, we dated maybe a month after that, had an argument, and didn't talk for a long time. About two years later we started talking again, only as friends. We were both in serious relationships. When I got out of that relationship and began going on different dates again, he was my guru, and became one of my best friends. He was the best for guy advice; he always, always called it right! We are still very close to this day. When I had all of my health issues back in the fall, I knew that I would break down if I told him myself, so I sent him a text just so he wouldn't hear it from anyone else. He is a great friend and looking back gave me a great senior prom! Love ya babe. 
While I was looking for the old prom pics, these were in the same book: pictures from my senior trip to Disney World. I thought they were funny. Ah, the life of no worries past the weekend plans.
Think this was an alligator tour?

I think everyone poses on this thing; sorry, I don't the official Star Wars term.

Love me some Flik; this made my day.

Honey I shrunk the seniors!


  1. Oh what a great story! I love that you guys ended up such great friends! I also love your prom outfit, totally awesome!

  2. I love that idea for the dress! super cute too!

  3. your dress was super cute :)
    sounds like you had a great prom

  4. Kewl parents. Love your dress and the kewl friendship you ended with.

  5. Adorable! You were smart not to go with typical prom- because you look gorgeous!

  6. Aw nothing better than a great guy friend!!

  7. That is so great to hear that you're still friends! He's a cute-tay!

    I hope you share this with him.

    And you're friggin adorable.
    I HATE YOU .


  8. so cute! and that is SO COOL that you guys are still friends! I acually married my prom date 7 years ago today!!!

  9. So cute! At least you were allowed to go to your senior prom. I had to miss out for religious reasons at the time. I was soo bummed out :(

  10. Holy moly...You were a total hottie in HS!!

    So cool that your folks threw you guys a prom!

  11. Great prom dress story....innovative and classy.

  12. I love the dress. You look beautiful! I'm trying to figure out where your google friend follower is...???

  13. How cute are you!?!?!?

    I love the dress and the story too! My little sister wore the dress she wore as a bridesmaid to her sr prom too!

  14. This is a great story! It's amazing to look back on how you used to look, isn't it? Love that it was your first experience with fake's like my prom was my first time with fake nails!

  15. Awww! How cute were you two? It's nice that you guys remained friends. I was such a girly girl when it came to proms and formals. I LOVED shopping for and wearing the dresses. I'm such a dork!