Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"I Have a Paper Problem..."

     "I have a paper problem." This was the line I uttered to the delightful associate who asked me if I needed any help today when I entered the most enchanting little nook of stationery I have ever experienced . Scriptura is a shop completely dedicated paper, writing, and creativity: "essential paper for artful living. They have everything from pens and wrapping papers to agendas and books on etiquette. Ironically, words cannot do this place justice. Remember, you can click on any photo to enlarge it.

One of the window displays

Another darling window display + my silhouette =)

Books and journals...ahhh, so lovely

Guest, etiquette, and travel books ~ Wax seals and ribbon

Cute & practical agendas ~ Hands-down the best greeting cards

Wrapping papers, or as I like to call them - $4 art.

Adorable kids stuff

Some of the personalized examples
(They the entire back half of the store devoted
to designing and working with customers, but I 
did not get a photo of it.)

I spy a shelf o' Moleskine! Plus, oh so much more.

Albums, pens, paperweights, luggage tags, and jotter notes!

     Needless to say it was difficult to leave. I asked the owner for permission to feature the store on the blog today and take some pics with my phone. I love to see these independent sellers, and I want give the little boost they need to stay where they are by featuring them since stationery isn't really in the budget these days. While I was still teaching I was constantly picking up random notepads, pens, clips, notebooks, the sort of stuff with which this place was chocked-full.

I found some simple, masculine notecards that Zac wanted me to look for, so when the young lady was checking me out she commented, "You are such a self-sufficient shopper." I wanted to say, "Yes, and I will take one of everything." I have only told you about maybe one third of this amazing place. They have another location in uptown New Orleans on Magazine Street, which is the original store. She highly recommended seeing it, stating that it was a more personal and creative space. This one was located in the Lakeside Mall area in Metarie. 

     I asked the owner about a website since many of you are not in the New Orleans area. They have one, but simply for browsing and information, since a good bit of the merchandise is handmade from Europe. There is a section you can access here that features all of the magazines in which Scriptura has been featured, including Lucky and Travel+Leisure. If you are in the area please stop by and see these guys; you will not regret it.
A Note to Family & Friends: 
I know some of you heard that I had to stay an extra day after the biopsy and MRI, but I am home and feeling well now, no problems. I will write about my trip tomorrow.


  1. I LOVE stores like that! My cousin actually owns a vntage shop on Maazine Street Caled branch Out you should check it out!

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  2. oh how delicious! I LOVE LOVE LOVE stores like that!

  3. I love the wrapping paper! New Orleans has the neatest shops.

  4. I have a paper problem too! I LOVE stationary, pens, and all stuff like that! And lucky for me, in June we are going to bein New Orleans! I am SO going to track this place down!

  5. How lovely! I remember as a child, especially, I was SO drawn to stationery stores. There's one in Newport,RI called The Paper Lion. So neat. Just love them!

  6. Next time I'm in New Orleans I have to check this store out! I also have a paper problem, lol and a pen problem!!

  7. Oy... I would have been in heaven. I have a serious paper addiction. Any kind will do - writing, wrapping, cardstock, anything. We have a store near me called the Paper Garden. Danger xone for me :-)

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  10. I Love stationary! I think I might have about 20 sets that I haven't used in years! Dang computer...I need to write some letters!!

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  12. What a neat store! I have good friends in Metarie, the Giacones. My brother lives in NOLA too. I will add this to my list of places to check out when I visit there this summer. :-)

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  13. I'm also a paper note-aholic... I like to write thank you notes and collect several... I used to be obsessed with journalling before I picked up blogging and there is nothing like starting a fresh page in a new book... it was getting to the end without reaching for another new one that was the challenge for me... wish I was closer to NO to be able to check out the store...

  14. Love stores like that! I get lost in them, and can spend hours! Visiting from SITS.

  15. I can spend hours reading & buying greeting cards.

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    I think I'd spend waaaaaaay too much money in there!

  20. wow, this place looks great! i'm also a paper addict through and through. curious to know which things are handmade in europe - i'm living over here for the year and having trouble finding pretty papers!?! maybe its just my town...

  21. I'm a paper addict. Thanks for sharing!

  22. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one obsessed with beautiful paper & stationary! I just started penpal-ing, so I've been on the look out for something new.

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