Wednesday, February 10, 2010

***The New Meme***


Welcome to the first carnival hosted by! Here’s how it works: You are going to finish the phrase “This is” by using a photo and a sentence or two. See my example from today or scroll down to my February 6th post. You can do as few or as many as you want. You can even post it as a collage. Feel free to be creative! 

Remember to come back here and use the gadget below my post to post your link

I try to make my photos from the past few days (for family and friends), but that is up to you. Have fun & remember tomorrow is FRIDAY! 

Don’t forget to post the badge for this meme at the top of your post, as well. 

Since this is my first hosting venture please feel free to ask questions or give me some feedback via twitter or email. 

Most important of all: have fun!

By the way, there are some great gals out there with the best memes & carnivals. I have posted their buttons in my sidebar under "Carnival Queens." If you know of one I don't have posted feel free to let me know.

...what desperation at the back door looks like.

...this is buckling under pressure.

...what 6 months of no hair color on the hair I actually have left looks like: thank you Prograf.

...this is pure tug n' pull fun for Finn!


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