Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mission: List

Ibegan writing this post while I was waiting on my clinic appointment, since I was about an hour early. I then proceeded to delete it when I was having my laptop checked out at the Apple store. Grr. I was in the "zone," too: great little lines of bloggy bits and now…moving on. 

I have been reading the copy of Eat, Pray, Love that has been on my bookshelf for over a year, and now that the movie is coming out I want to tackle it. Except it's not a tackle. I am enjoying every second of it right now! I was not ready for her to leave Italy! That first portion of the book, telling of her time in Italy, made me so dang hungry. I settled for some La Madeleine and a stroll through my favorite store in all of New Orleans, a paperie named Scriptura. That little store just lights up my life and drives me to buy paper that I do not even need. I did however need something from there today: thank you notes for Finn. Plus, I picked up a little something for our friend Scarlett who is always there to help out Finn when something comes up.
She is marrying one of  Zac's buddies in April, and we are SUPER excited for them. She is also Finn's favorite babysitter. =) 

Moving on to today's Better Blogger Challenge…

We are asked to create a list in our post today. For some reason, this sent me into a state of panic. I have always used lists to organize things now and I ALWAYS used lists or outlines to study in college. I have no clue why it would, since one of my most popular posts ever have been lists like this and the one I am posting below. I am reposting this one below since it was on my other blog that I have somewhat abandoned and not too many folks saw, and the ones who did sent me lots-o-feedback. It is a list of low sugar or low fat substitutes that are helpful with the diet that I have also abandoned, but was somewhat reprimanded for at clinic today. I suppose that it is time to get back on the wagon.


Originally posted 2/12/10...
I am a deep-fried, strongly-seasoned, southern girl, so when I heard that I would have to adhere to a heart-healthy diet I thought that in itself would be enough to give me a heart attack. However, after losing over thirty pounds while in the hospital on a low to no sodium diet I learned to get used to it, and the weight loss was worth it. One of the first things I learned was, "where salt goes, water goes." So greatly reducing the sodium in your diet really knock of the pounds, and you really don't have to work to hard at it. 

With all of the material I was given by the hospital dietician and a little internet research, I soon learned that I had been eating a whole day's worth of sodium or more in one meal! It's no wonder they took ten pounds of fluid off of me the first 24 hours I was there! I love love love food, and there is nothing that I can think of off of the top of my head that I absolutely will not eat. So obviously cutting back is very difficult for me. I am very lucky in that my weight and figure directly correlates with my food intake, but I just love it too much. MY weight has fluctuated up and down by thirty pounds at least three times the past seven years. 

Before I get too sidetracked, let me get on with what I want to share with you in today's post. I have discovered a few things that have given "cutting back" a little flavor. All the items below are little things that make a big difference. I have found all of them at the local grocery store as well as Target and Wal-Mart. Each photo is linked to that company's website where you can look at nutritional info. and most them have some great recipes and other resources, too!

These are delish! I know it is hard to believe, but if I had not baked them, I would have never known the difference! They are so very fudgy, if that is a word. I baked mine in an 8 x 8 pan, but if you like them thicker than 1" use a mediumer pan.

I was introduced to this right out out of the hospital, and it saved my sweet tooth. Yumyumyum! This Peanut Butter Fudge is great, but they have a Butter Pecan that is out of this world. Portion control is this the key here since I struggle to keep from eating the whole tub. 

I was never a big yogurt fan, but this stuff is addictive! It's the ones with the commercial that talks about "Boston Creme Pie, Strawberry Shortcake, etc." it is sooo good. I have tried all of them; I think. There are probably about 10-15 "dessert" flavors. I do not recommend the chocolate
mousse or cinnamon roll...I almost gagged. However, the cherry cobbler and strawberry shortcake are to die for! My husband even agrees: there's your proof!

If you like chocolate milk, this is a decent substitute. I would be willing to bet that the Hershey's Syrup: Lite is better, and it actually has less sodium than this one.

I love butter and jelly on toast for breakfast, and these are great substitutes for the sugar-laden originals. They a slight hint of tartness to them due to obvious lack of sugar, but I like it. There are Sugar Free varieties and Low Sugar varieties; I didn't notice the difference until after I saw the label.

Now for the second part of my favorite breakfast habit: butter. This butter is soft, tasty, and most important of all SPREADABLE. I had tried the Smart Balance before and it was like wax. This seems just as good as Country Crock!

I know I didn't have much to say about their butter, but their mayo rocks! Once again, if I didn't scoop it out of the jar myself, I wouldn't have known that it wasn't Hellman's or Kraft. Plus, it has Omega-3s. Thanks, babe, for finding this one! My hubby does the grocery shopping, since he does all of the cooking. Trust me, this hasn't been easy for him either. They make a great cooking spray, too.

I never in a MILLION YEARS thought that I would use these! Just the thought of them made me gag, until one day my hubby made me an omelette with them and I later saw the carton next to the stove. I couldn't believe how good they were. The carton does say, "99% real eggs" I suppose. I like using them better than real eggs now. They are just easier to cook, clean up, and no scrambling involved, unless you add other stuff in like I do. 

The dietician at Ochsner told me about this stuff to use as a salt substitute. Let me just go ahead and admit this: there is no  substitute for salt: sorry, there just isn't. But, this comes pretty darn close. It has a distinct flavor, so use it sparingly. I once put too much on my eggs and nearly gagged. It helps give a little flavor to your dishes where Mrs. Dash may fail.

This probably one the most commonly known diet keys: substitute sour cream with plain yogurt. I do this with eggs, salsa, and other dip-type snack foods. Love it! I haven't gotten to the point where I can just eat it with a spoon yet, though.

I eat the croissant variety of these. You can definitely tell
that they are not McDonald's, but they are filling and tasty substitutes. Jimmy also makes good, tasty, juicy turkey sausage that I had for breakfast this morning.


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  2. I'm glad you're enjoying Eat Love Pray! I love it and I can't wait for the movie.

  3. These are some great options. I've tried some and not others. I, too, have had my weight fluctuate a lot and I wish I could just snap my fingers and have it disappear. LOL

    Visiting from SITS. =)

  4. I love the items - I've used a lot of them when I was successfully low carb - which I'm trying to get back on. Summertime bacon and tomato sandwiches do me in! I don't use a lot of salt, but maybe more than I realize. Loved your post and your list!

  5. I'm addicted to salt. I love this post. My heart baby is too young for real foods now...but I often wonder how our family's diet will need to change when she's older.

  6. Stopping by from SITs and so glad I did. My daddy had a liver transplant May 15th (after only 6 weeks on UNOS - can you believe?!?) and is still having a few diet transition issues. I'll be sending my momma here for ideas. A fellow LA girl here too.

  7. Found you through SITS and love your blog. Pretty simple!

  8. Just popping over from SITS - it's my first time here!

    Good luck with your scan today, I'll be thinking about you and sending lots of good vibes.

  9. Swung by from SITS to say good morning. Nice post, thanks for the info! Enjoy your book too. :)

  10. So glad I stopped by :) enjoy your book ! I almost bought it today while at Target. Reading is one of my favorites !

  11. Italy was my favorite part of that book. So much so, that I'm planning a trip there next year. Anywho, I used to be quite leery of buying the "light", "non-fat", "low-fat" foods because I thought I'd be sacrificing taste. The yogurt and the egg-beaters proved me wrong.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  12. I gave you a blog award. :)


  13. I've been wanting to read Love, eat, pray. You make it sound so good.

    Stopping by from SITS.

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