Monday, January 18, 2010

These Guys Are Spoiled

Looking out of my window this morning, beyond the porch, the swing and the grill, it looks like a perfect spring day. I step out the door, and yes, it feels that way, too. The temperature is a perfect 60, and yes, perfect compared to the past few weeks of 19, 27, 32 degrees. Moses seems to be enjoying it just as much, perched on the discarded office chair that will take up new residence in the workshop where it will reunite with two of its fellow fallen comrades, and Zac can use it to sit in and do his random man-work, which right now consists of the chair-less task of finishing putting up a fence so that hoards of neighborhood dogs will stay off of our porch. I also want Gunner to be able to come stay with his big sis, too. =)

Sweet Gunner-Man

Due to my germ restrictions Moses had to be moved outside...darn. ;) So, his dad built him a refuge from whatever might decide to come after him and his food. This is now a permanent fixture on the porch, but I do not mind. It's better than seeing his big white hairballs rolling across the living room like tumble weeds everyday and seeing my new furniture slowly develop a fringe trim. Zac built this thing in about four hours and used random pieces of wood from around the shed and our former barrel/table from the porch.

Moses's New Digs: Did I mention that there is a heating pad and Columbia blanket in there?

Tomorrow I have a busy day at Ochsner with hepatology (liver) appointments, which shouldn't last long then maybe if I have the guts I will hit the French Market and Magazine Street for antique retail therapy. Now that I have my own place to decorate, my mom got me the PB shelves I have wanted for ten years. Zac hung them for me yesterday, and it shouldn't take long to get them how I want with old family photos and random artifacts. I will post before and after shots when I am done.
Question: Does anyone else have a step-pet that they inherited from their spouse?

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  1. I totally agree they are spoiled. Heating bed and blanket? Get out! :)