Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Live Before Your Very Eyes!

I finally recorded a VLOG! Honestly it's more of a screen test. I really wanted to see how it worked and looked.

Two things you will immediately notice:
1. That it was obviously nap time and I was speaking with a nap time voice.
2. I am obviously used to teaching ninth graders with my expressions. =)

Regardless of reviews I am definitely doing this again!

A big thank you to the fabulous MARIA for helping me get this thing uploaded. You better go check her out as soon as you leave here. 

Gotta love that freeze frame:



  1. Congrats on starting a Vlog. I haven't been brave enough to attempt one yet. :) I think you sound great.

    One thought, the bright window/door in the background was a bit distracting. I don't suppose you could draw a curtain or otherwise block it?


  2. LOVE it!! I'm not blog stalking you....really! It's funny you tweeted about the facial expressions, because I do the same thing. That and I talk with my hands. In fact, I once had a class ask me if I would still be able to talk if they handcuffed me. :)

  3. You rock, Lady! I have a chipmunk voice and would not like doing the vlog thing. Also, I don't have a web-cam. I guess I could do it with my camera, but that's weird.

    I love it!

  4. Huzzah! It's finally out for the world to see! i can't wait to hear your story.

    And you look PURTY - will you do my makeup someday?

  5. I want my makeup done too if you do hers! Seriously, you are so pretty and I love your speaking voice! I am anxious to hear your story.

  6. I'm following your blog now. I'm not sure why I wasn't before.

  7. I love the vlog!!! It's always so great getting to put a voice with a name!

  8. I adore you, B. You look great. I love your attitude and I'm interested in your story - can't wait for more. (and I enjoy Mira's blog, too...hehe)

  9. I've missed you and all your love. You are just beautiful from the inside and out. Trite saying, but so true.